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“Suffering from fibromyalgia for 6 year, The sessions with Milly help me become conscious of my real me and my needs. After 6 sessions of EFT the pain was already 50% less and after 9 sessions 80% gone. I feel like I am reborn and I can finaly live my life. I will never thank Milly enough for her precious help."

Val D.


"I realised through the work many epiphanies - of moments I didn’t deem as important - or even deem as affecting me, but they were there holding me back - and then, as if by magic, they dissipated and I was free. It's incredibly powerful feeling and again, I feel, I must repeat this was all down to my work with Milly and the matrix and EFT. 

I feel it's really helped me. I feel stronger in my psyche and I feel like my inner voice is not mean to me anymore. It is with my most gracious thanks down to Milly."

Freya G.

"I came to Milly with many concerns finding it unbearable to cope with my life and wondering what I could possibly do to push forward. 

 My friend advised me to go and see Milly. It was the best advice I ever received, and we quickly progressed to a much better place in my mind which took me from my locked up state of mind and freed me to step back into my life. 

 After approximately 6 sessions, I bravely went to an interview back in a School to teach music, this was the first time in 8 years ... the work with Milly had quick positive results. It reset my mind and powerfully pushed me back up to a more open and positive mindset."




"No one expects to have trauma descend on their lives, but if it does it’s truly horrendous, it seems to seep into every part of your skin.

It becomes each breath you take, and this can equate to physical or emotional pain which is beyond any scale of pain you know….you can carry with you for years, and all your life for some people.

It happened to me. Maybe when you get to a point where it starts to control your life and becomes your life, the memory, the thoughts repeating, physically suffocating you and holding you back from actually living. I know that EFT was the turning point for me, trusting Milly and feeling safe.

This has helped me more than anything and will continue to help me. I feel very different almost grounded with roots that are deep deep in the ground, for sure no doubt I will come  across other issues to deal with in my life but with big strong roots it’s very difficult to be blown over."

N.A. I.


"I've alwayd been a  worried and anxiuous person. But a new life situation brought my anxiety to level where I felt overwhelmed and out of control. Milly helped me bring peace back into my mind and into my life".

T. D.



"Having gone through a very tought personal ordeal, I don’t know how I could have gone through it  without Milly’s help, forever grateful." K.L



"I had night craving that made me binge every night since I was a teenager. I had no expectations when I started the sessions with Milly, I didn't know any of the tools she introduiced me too, and to my great surprise,  the craving stopped completely after 3 sessions. Now 3 years later, they haven't come back."




"I have been diagnosed 11 years ago with neuropathic pain with not option from traditional medicine. I am finally free from it (except for the occasional very low grade pain) and I can finally get on with my life.. I didn’t realised my pain was connected to a trauma, and as we processed it during our sessions, my pain regressed and disappeared. Thank you Milly! "



I wish to anyone to have the luck to be supported by Milly who helped me overcome the choc of the diagnostic of cancer. She helped me see a future again, strengthen my mind, and have projects on an agenda that had only 24h visibility before. From the trust of our relation, I regain trust in me. Cancer, I’m not scared of you anymore!" M.G.

"je souhaite à tout le monde d'avoir la chance que j'ai eu d'être accompagnée par Anne qui m'a aidée à surmonter le choc du diagnostic, d'une maladie incurable qui s'attaque à mon cerveau. Elle m'a aidée à avoir de nouveau un avenir, à muscler mon mental, à refaire des projets dans un agenda qui s'était arrêté à 24h de visibilité. De la confiance dans la relation que nous avons établie, la confiance en moi est revenue. Cancer du cerveau, tu ne me fais plus peur! "MG




"Before working with Milly I was very anxiuosus about my health as well as the health of others. It is a problem form the past, I can have some thoughts about health issues but they are neutral now and they don't trigger anxiey or panic attack anymore, a great relief! "



'Milly helped me to shift from the feeling of being stuck, fearful and the inability to make decision, to being able to gain control of my life and feeling happy again. She empowered me by teaching me techniques & tools of self-help & self-reliance in the times of need. I now use EFT, coherence breathing, visualisation on my own to positively influence my sub-conscious mind & remove negative self-talk.

By processing old traumas and shifting my old believes I was able to move forward and start a new life, start my new company and apply for a post-graduate degree at a leading UK university.

 Milly achieves effective results through a fast and short-term therapy. She is a very smart and giving therapist."


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