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Life Coaching

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Understanding how your mind work is a powerful force, but knowing how to control your mind so it works for you and not against you is the secret of happiness.


Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried is natural from time to time, but when these states are too often repeated, they can lead to plain unhappiness or more serious mental and physical issues.

My mission is to help you break free form negative  patterns that are stopping you from living your life fully, purposely and peacefully.

I use specific therapy techniques but I also teach you self-help tools you will have for the rest of your life to cope with the regular demands of life.

if you want to find out more, call me on  +44(0)7855772393


 I feel very different almost grounded with roots that are deep deep in the ground, for sure no doubt I will come  across other issues to deal with in my life but with big strong roots it’s very difficult to be blown over. 


I realised through the work many epiphanies - of moments I didn’t deem as important - or even deem as affecting me, but they were there holding me back - and then, as if by magic, they dissipated and I was free. I feel it's really helped me. I feel stronger in my psyche and I feel like my inner voice is not so mean to me anymore. It is with my most gracious thanks down to Milly. 

 Freya McGuire.  

A mind at peace is essential to support healing. Through the practice of MIND-BODY TECHNIQUES,  you will be able to lower your stress, anxiety and improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)





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