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Gentle Solution Focused Approach

Each session is powerful and to the point, focusing exclusively on positive aspects: there is no need to rehash bad events to knock them off your mind.

Some cases may only require a few sessions while more deeply rooted concerns will take longer.

'No matter the size of the baggage you bring to our first meeting, I will design your sessions to be optimally efficient; my goal is to give you the tools through a fast therapy to set you free, positive and strong.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

​Described as emotional accupressure, EFT is a very powerful, fast yet gentle  tool that can address unwanted behaviour or emotions 

With MR we begin to transform the past memories or traumas, big or small by changing the pictures to creates both physical and emotional healing. 

Hypnotherapy teaches you how to access a state of calm where you remain completely in control and are able to dip into the powerful ressources of your subconscious mind

NLP Is a method of influencing your brain to upgrade your mind's programs allowing new and more beneficial behaviors. 

The latest scientific research shows you have three brains - mBraining help you to align your three brains to achieve greater wisdom, success and happiness.

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