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I followed Milly's lead and travelled through my doubts and fears. To my great surprise it wasn't unpleasant or scary. And suddenly, out of nowhere, Milly knocked off a universe of negative thoughts that had been travelling with me most of my life. The weight I had been dragging with me was gone, like by magic. I can't even explain the feeling of wellbeing and lightness I have been experiencing since. Thank you Milly!


Milly opened a door I couldn't open myself, this has changed many aspets of my life instantaneously to my own surprise! 


I felt safe and in control at all time during the sessions so I could relax and express myself, thank you so much for the tips and tools I have now in my life to be strong and positive.


Something really bad happened to me. Thanks to Milly, this trauma doesn't affect my current life anymore. The process even taught me positive things about myself. 


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